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Releases from Crossroad Press

Some exciting happenings are occurred in the summer of 2017. I signed a contract with Crosssroad Press. They are currently working on publishing some of my out-of-print books. I will add each book, with links to Amazon as they are published. Crossroad Press Store MANHATTAN GRIMOIRE was the first to emerge.   Manhattan Grimoire at Amazon FROM ASHES is the second…   From Ashes at Amazon Settling in Nazareth at Amazon   In the meantime, I am busy working on a novel called SWITCHBLADE. I began it a couple of years ago and it was originally around 80,000 words. It’s … Continue reading Releases from Crossroad Press

Cat Photography

Around 1988 and on through 1994 I did a lot of freelance photography for various magazines. In addition, I studied photography when pursuing my degree in Fine Arts way back in 1985. During that period, I had the opportunity to exhibit my photos in a college gallery. I am a cat lover, sharing my home with five felines at present. I’ve posted some of the photography I’ve recently done. This is Wizard, one of my elderly gentleman felines. He’s a sweet tabby, and a very good companion. Katrina is the newest edition to my household. She’s a typical, feisty tortoiseshell … Continue reading Cat Photography

Short stories and poetry

Hunter’s Moon at Amazon A collection of crime noir stories. (Digital cover design by Sandy DeLuca) Dream Catcher at AmazonĀ  A short, surreal story. (Cover painting copyright Sandy DeLuca, 2018) Lenora’s Web at Amazon A short, surreal story. (Digital cover … Continue reading Short stories and poetry

More fiction–novels–novellas–novelettes

Novels, novellas and a novelette available from Crossroad Press, Uninvited Books, Night to Dawn Books, Alban Lake (novelette) and Damnation Books . From Crossroad Press Darkness Conjured at Amazon   From Crossroad Press Reign of Blood at Amazon   From Uninvited Books Descent at Amazon From Damnation Books Into the Red at Amazon Cover art and Illustrations by Sandy DeLuca From Night to Dawn Books Lupo Mannaro at Amazon Cover art and Illustrations by Sandy DeLuca From Alban Lake Journey to Talazia at Amazon Both the paperback and the e-book are available from the publisher. Journey to Talazia–e-book and paperback … Continue reading More fiction–novels–novellas–novelettes

Visual Journal, sketches with pen and ink

  Over the years, I filled journals, recording events, using words and images…penning ideas for possible fiction. With the new year, I began a new visual journal. I have put aside paint and canvas for a while and once more … Continue reading Visual Journal, sketches with pen and ink


  Mimi came into my life in August, six years ago, a few days after my father passed away. I wanted a companion for my older cat, Matty. Not a kitten, but a young animal. A woman who handled adoptions for Providence Animal Shelter at Petsmart indicated that a quiet, sweet five-year-old female like Mimi would be perfect. So, I brought her home, and Matty immediately let her know who was boss, but eventually he gave in to her cuddling and sharing cans of his favorite food. Matty passed away six months after Mimi came to live with me. Afterward, … Continue reading Mimi