It’s Art! Paintings…

The Succubus--for blog

“The Succubus”

Acrylic on canvas–30 x 75 inches

My father served in World War II and I’ve always been fascinated with photographs of his time in Egypt and India, the Sphinx and the Taj Mahal looming in the background, as he and his friends posed–British and American soldiers banding together to protect national treasure. I’m not sure if he went to Europe before or after those snapshots were taken, but he did tell me that when he first saw the Sistine Chapel, he was overwhelmed, realizing genius, quickly becoming a fan of the Italian Renaissance.

In his later years, he chuckled at people when they were openly shocked about  a nude scene in a modern movie. He said, “Go overseas…nude statues are everywhere, right out in the open. It’s art!”

So, he didn’t flinch when I enrolled in a Life Drawing class in college, and we both smiled at my mother when she asked if the models really removed all of their clothes. “They can’t do that,” she proclaimed.

They did! All posing for a group of students–shameless, and lovely–most imperfect. Some were old, some young–some thin–some overweight–and I learned that the human form is beautiful at every stage of life–in all of its forms.

My new painting–a partial nude piece–is titled “The Succubus”. It’s inspired by a recent story I penned called “Hotel Namaah”–an erotic tale about encounters with a succubus. (Now available at DarkFuse magazine.)

And to quote my Dad…”It’s art.”


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