Art Books

Collections of my paintings and drawings. Continue reading Art Books


Short stories and poetry

Hunter’s Moon at Amazon A collection of crime noir stories. (Digital cover design by Sandy DeLuca) Dream Catcher at AmazonĀ  A short, surreal story. (Cover painting copyright Sandy DeLuca, 2018) Lenora’s Web at Amazon A short, surreal story. (Digital cover … Continue reading Short stories and poetry

Visual Journal, sketches with pen and ink

  Over the years, I filled journals, recording events, using words and images…penning ideas for possible fiction. With the new year, I began a new visual journal. I have put aside paint and canvas for a while and once more … Continue reading Visual Journal, sketches with pen and ink

Random Pages From My Visual Journals

The following sketches and notes might not look like much, but they are thoughts and ideas that often evolve into poetry, fiction and paintings. I often sit on my sofa in the evening and make these strange “scribbles” while a favorite movie, or TV show, streams on Netflix. Continue reading Random Pages From My Visual Journals

Art on Recycled Canvas

I’ve been organizing my paintings over the past few weeks and I came across some pieces that I didn’t like, or I felt that the work was weak in some cases. So I sanded down those old canvases, leaving pieces … Continue reading Art on Recycled Canvas