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In 2018…


Over the years, I filled journals, recording events, using words and images…penning ideas for possible fiction. With the new year, I began a new visual journal. I have put aside paint and canvas for a while and once more I am utilizing pen and ink. As you know, with my visual work, I am often influenced by horror movies and genre fiction.

As I said…much of my visual work is influenced by horror…just as other painters are influenced by life events, culture, etc. When I studied the German Expressionists in college, I began to see painting and painters differently, and I refer to many of those artists during my creative process. My childhood plays a role as well. My Dad was an avid fan of horror and he introduced me to Hitchcock, Vincent Price and others. Then there were the dolls. I am an only child, and those toys helped fuel my imagination during solitary play. So, I prefer to create from feelings and  memories, which often results in dreamlike images–far from photo-realism.

As I get older, I prefer to spend my days painting and sketching…and refining novels in process. Eleven years ago, I battled cancer. Within those eleven years, I’ve produced novels, novellas, poetry and short stories. But I did not abandon my painting or drawing. And my body of visual work has grown a great deal. I am thankful for the time I’ve had, and for all the days that are ahead of me. I’ve learned that life is short. I’ve lost friends, family…even pets over the past decade. So, if life is short, then why not do what I love?

I have several writing projects that I am working on as well. I’ve rewritten my novel “Switchblade” several times and am now working on a final draft. Also, my novel “Midnight Town” has found a home.

Back to my new visual journal now.

Over the past week, I’ve completed about a dozen small journal sketches…and some larger pen and ink drawings. I’m sharing several 4 x 6 inch drawings here. Thanks for looking.

Sandy DeLuca

January 16, 2018



July, 2017


Some exciting happenings are occurring this summer. I recently signed a contract with Crosssroad Press. They are currently working on publishing some of my out-of-print books.

MANHATTAN GRIMOIRE was the first to emerge.

Manhattan Grimoire cover5 (2)

FROM ASHES is the second…

From Ashes cover (1)


In the meantime, I am busy working on a novel called SWITCHBLADE. I began it a couple of years ago and it was originally around 80,000 words. It’s now around 60,000 words–leaner and tighter. And it’s a different kind of zombie novel.

Later this year, I will have news regarding my novel MIDNIGHT TOWN.

I am also working on new art.

I’ve been working from early morning until late evening, and I’m hoping that the hard work will pay off.

July 11, 2017


The Scoop


Goddesses-Young Goddess Kissing the Devil.jpgHere’s the scoop–I have been painting for several decades. Although I created my first gallery ready paintings around 1985, I made small oil paintings for years prior to that. And I’ve been writing almost as long—overseeing several small presses in the 1990’s as well. I’ve often combined my visual work with my written work. And sometimes I paint fictional characters…or scenes from my stories.

I worked full time for many years, spending nights and weekends writing and making art.  I experimented with poetry, nonfiction, photography and a host of other creative ventures.

As the years passed, I accumulated a huge body of visual work, and my written work slowly began to grow, too.

My father became ill in February, 2011, and I retired from my day job to care for him. He died in July of that same year. After that, I once again began to exhibit my paintings. It was fun meeting other artists and mingling with them at galleries. I loved their energy and appreciated the time that they spent preparing for art shows. I networked with many talented painters, and have remained friends with them. I respect what they do immensely. I am thankful that my paintings have been shown at prestigious galleries in the area.

However, after spending several years doing local shows, I realized that I didn’t enjoy getting ready for exhibits, dropping off my work, and then later taking time to pick it up. And, while local galleries are important venues for artists, my over-sized symbolic work—lovers, nudes, sensual women–and figures that go hand-in-hand with the horror genre–are out of place most times. I am influenced by painters like Max Beckmann, Klimdt and a host of German Expressionists.  I’ve been told on numerous occasions, “We’d like to show your landscape paintings…if you have any. Your figures are a bit too suggestive.” I have painted landscapes, making most of them in recent years–specifically to fit into area galleries. But I’m happiest rendering the human form.  I’m pointing this out with no disrespect. We’re all on different paths and tastes vary.

However, as an artist, I  can’t compromise my message and my expression, despite the kindness and friendship many local galleries and artists have offered me. In addition, I recognize more than ever that my visual and written work go together. And I’m most comfortable in the publishing world. I also love working and marketing my work from home.

I’ve been fortunate to have had novels, novellas, poetry collections and art collections published. I haven’t gotten rich from any of it, but my life has been richer. I am thankful for mentors who have helped me along the way, and for those who have supported me.

Painting is hard work, and so is writing. Visual work comes easy to me. But if I abandon writing for too long, it haunts me.  Sometimes I throw up my hands and swear that I’ll never write again. Friends who know me well have learned to ignore me when I tell them that I just want to paint. But I have to do both. Many times, the pieces I conjure when working on my fiction get published as magazine cover art, or they accompany a poet’s words. And sometimes people buy the original paintings. My first poetry collection, Burial Plot in Sagittarius, was accompanied by my black and white mixed media pieces. Through the years my drawings or paintings have occasionally been paired with my writing. Recently, more of my paintings have been interior illustrations for my fiction—Lupo Mannaro (Night to Dawn Books), City at the Edge of the Earth (Midnight Town Media) and the soon to come novelette Journey from Talazia (Alban Lake).  AND Alban Lake will be publishing a book of my art this year. And presently, my writing is taking a new direction. So that’s the scoop.

Painting—“The Devil’s Kiss”—1987

The New Year


With 2017 approaching, I am excited about various  projects–both visual and literary. I am currently putting together a series of digital artworks, as I hope to have more of my digital work included in genre magazines and as book covers. I continue to paint, but at present I will only be doing select exhibitions…unlike several years ago. I am also in the process of completing a new novel, as well as several short stories and poems. I recently reached a milestone birthday, and having survived cancer almost a decade ago,  being prolific and concentrating on the quality of my work, is most important to me. None of us know how much time we have left on this earth.Frankenstein's Bride.jpgraven-2

Art on Recycled Canvas


I’ve been organizing my paintings over the past few weeks and I came across some pieces that I didn’t like, or I felt that the work was weak in some cases. So I sanded down those old canvases, leaving pieces of my old compositions, and later reworking them into new paintings. Below are several samples of what I’ve done.

“Fairy Moonscape”. A mystical fairy on a warm summer night.

“Mad Girl”. This was once an abstract painting that didn’t work. After a bit of sanding, I painted the figure and skulls over the abstract splashes of paint.

“Goth Night Out”. In the tradition of The Mad Hatter.